fox fur with horse tail
Timber wolf fur
timber wolf fur
timber wolf fur
badger fur
blonde mink fur
Red fox fur
fox fur
fox fur
fox fur
badger fur
fox fur
black fox
rabit leopard dyed.
Japanese Racoon fur
silver fox fur
lynx fur
fox fur
red fox
red fox
coyote fur
fox fur
coyote fur
raccoon fur
coyote fur
lynx fur
fox fur
coyote fur
arctic fox
bear fur
black fox
arctic fox
arctic fox
black fox
coyote fur
coyote fur Mongolian look with ear flaps
coyote fur Mongolian look with ear flaps
Leather top coyote fur Mongolian look with ear flaps
Black timber wolf with wool top
side view of black timber wolf
wool top with raccoon fur wool tassel
Michele Franklin
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Custom Orders

I have created and sold over 4000 custom hats
from 2004 to 12 and each one unique!

Creat your own! All hats are custom orders. I can
reproduce a hat you see on my webpage, but all hats
are unique.

Any hat can come with beads, embroidery and or a
wool or horse hair tassel.
Pick the colour, material and fur type.

Fur and materials are dependent upon availability. If you
want new pelts that will be an extra cost. The furs I deal
with are recycled furs and I use only the best for my hats.

Let your imagination be your guide!

A101 - Mongol hat 10th c.
ear flaps tie in back, longer fur that
drapes over the back of the neck.
When the ear flaps are down you
can tie them under your chin. With
or without the point on top.
B 101 - Mongolian with tall

C 101 - Norse style with seams
on outside

D 101- Norse Style with seams
on the inside

Leather - black, blue, green, brown, purple, red,
white, beige
Suede - black, blue, green, brown, purple, red,
white, beige
Wool - black, blue, green, brown, purple, red,
beige, white
Tapestry - limited to materials in stock.
Ultra suede - beige, red,
Measuring your head
Take a measuring tape and place it above your brow.
Measure from that point above the brow around
your head. Measure exact for a tight fit. If you like it
a little loser we can adjust it. You do not want a tight
hat because it will give you a headache. Your hat will
stretch because it is wool and leather. Faux fur will
not stretch.
Hand felted hat $150
Wolf and Bear $150 - 300
depending on the fur.

I ship express, insured and
signature is required.

F101 - Robin Hood felted
G101 - Italian Ren
felted wool
H101 - Persian
Happy Customers
E101 - Norse Merchants hat
$45 to 75
I101 - Phrygian cap
compliment the colour of
the hat. Acrylic felt - warm
and cozy.
C101's linning colour
complimented the colour of
the material of the hat
because the seams will
show on the outside of the

Types of Hats Available
J101 - Hungarian Hat
Wool felted, needle felted
designs, hand stitched
K101 - $15
Linen square Coif
comes in varies
colours, white,
brown, off white,
cream, blue, black,
red, gold.
Colours available in furs
Nalbinding Hats and
Socks $31 & $40