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Choosing the right hat for yourself

If your face is Round or Square:
Choose a straight brim, large brim, high crown, or flat crown hat. Stay away
from deep, or rolled short brims.
If you have a Long Face:
Choose a flat crown, gambler/Western low crown, or wide brim hat. Stay
away from high crown hats.
If you have an Oval or Heart Shaped Face:
You're in luck, because generally, any type of hat looks good on this facial

Body Shapes and Complimenting Hat Sizes
To keep a balanced look you should generally choose a hat that overall is no
wider than the width of your shoulders. Very tall or larger ladies generally
find that larger brimmed hats are more flattering and provide a more
balanced look for their body type. Petite ladies will generally find smaller
brimmed hats more flattering and provide a more balanced look for their
body type.

Wear a hat that is complimentary to your skin tone. Not everyone looks good
in black or dark colors. If you want to wear a black hat, make sure that it has
lots of bright pink or red flowers on it.

A hat does not have to match your outfit perfectly. You can wear a bright
purple hat with a neutral beige outfit. If your suit is navy, you could wear a
beige hat with navy trim on it.
Be ready to get compliments and more attention from people. People love
hats although many of them are too intimidated to wear them. Men especially
love women in hats and they will tell
you so!

You can tilt the hat to one side to create a more jaunty effect. If the hat goes
up on one side, it is a bit more flattering to the face and creates more interest.
The most important thing is to feel comfortable with the hat you are wearing.
Never let anyone sell you on a hat you feel uncomfortable in.

Never wear the hat too far back on the head. When putting it on, make sure
that it is no more than 2 inches above the eyebrows.