Michele Franklin
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Known in Old Norse as vindingr, winingas or vaf-spj˘rr

The wraps were made of two long, narrow strips of cloth, typically
wool, and bright colors, which were wound around the leg and
foot in the same direction for both legs. By starting at the foot or
ankle and wrapping upwards. The strip was fastened at the top by
tucking in, no clips or fasteners are needed, but they were used
(below). Clothing hooks were found on skeletons just below the
knee so it is safe to say that these hooks were to hold up some
type of clothing, eg legwraps.

In period the fabric would have been woven to the correct
dimensions on a small scale regular loom. The strips measure
about 3.5 inches wide and may be as long as 9 ft in length.

Norse & Anglo Saxon
Leg Wraps
The three Magi, from
'Benedictional of St. Aethelwold',
Anglo-Saxon 971-984AD (from
Willett and Cunnington 1960)
wearing Winingas.

Hooks are available for $15,
12 ft - $25
15 ft - $30
hand spun and woven $97
They are great! I have been slowly felting them up by wearing them around
the house. I need to soak and shrink/tighten them up just a smidge, but they
are fantastic.

Gary P.
Below are the colours of the leggings I have currently.
Hand spun & woven wool 13ft per leg. $75