Michele Franklin
Toll Free

Nalbinding, Weaving
& Spinning
Nalbinding is a precurser to knitting or Crocheting. It is used
with a single needle and often discribed as single looping. My
needle is one that I carved out of antler.

All my hats and socks are $40 for regular sizes for larger sizes
the pice increases because of more material and time is needed.
Brigette's Hat
Mistress Aries Hat and
fingerless gloves
2012 - won Lions Gate Defender with my Asle Mitten
Winnigas woven on my floor Inkle loom,
hand dyed.
Hand spun, dyed and woven on a 4 harness loom.
Straps made from the Inkle loom.
T Towel, cotton, done on 4 harness loom.
silk warp