I am a university educated woman and by profession I am a certified
counsellor. With my clients I would often use art therapy and crafts of
some kind to help my clients with release of stress and frustration.

My inspiration was my husband, he was the person that was instrumental
in encouraging me to start my own business and to help me step beyond
my boundaries.

I am very active in the SCA (www.sca.org) which is an international organization that studies and
recreates the middle ages and renaissance and my designs reflect that in my finished product. After
his tragic death in a car accident (he was a passenger), I excelled in my business and it has helped
me to heal and expand my horizons.

I have over 20 years of sewing and design experience.

I have won four Arts awards from the Society for Creative Anachronism.

I have 4 Mongolian hats that have been in a Mongolian Exhibit in a Museum.

I have had a hat appear in a short feature film.

My product is made in a small cottage on my land near the Fraser River
in B.C., Canada.

I have sold my work in Whistler, Granville Island, Circle Craft in Vancouver, Art Market in
Calgary, Toronto One of A Kind, and the Signature Edmonton Xmas show. Through the internet I
have sold my hats all over the world.

In 2009 after a car accident I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia . In 2010 I
fell down a path on a hill going to the rescue of my cat which was being
attacked by a raccoon and shattered my left wrist and dislocated my
hand from my arm. Since both of these accidents I have slowed down in
my production of my craft and now consider it my hobby. The quality is still there, but I am unable to
go to the attend the large shows to sell.

Mission, Vision, Values
My products are the ultimate Eco-luxury! People want to see options that
have a good environmental impact. My products use 95% recycled
materials, fur, leather, and wool. I use recycled items to produce a new
reusable product. Nature recycles everything. Every piece that I create is
"one of a kind". My hats will give you the feeling of elegance and the
experience of wearing a piece of European history. I believe in quality,
great service and guarantee.

Thank you
Michele Franklin

SCA Resume
Society For Creative Anachronism

The SCA is a historical educational society dedicated to recreating pre
1600c Medieval times.

I have been playing in the SCA since 1999. Since then I have been an
active member in many projects. In the SCA I am know as:

Her Ladyship Cerridwen Ravenhawk of Conway
A0A, GDS, MI, Queens Forget me Not, Princess's Talon, JDL, l'Ordre de
l"Etoile d'Argent, Order of the Silver Pillar, Kings Favour,
Queens Forget me Not
Honorary Citizen of Ansteorra 2008
Honorary Citizen of Gleann Abhann 2011
Senior Marshall - Thrown Weapons and Target Archery
Mother to Zeus the Italian Greyhound
I don't live in any Branch of Tir Righ, I live in what they would call Kings
Land, but I call my home the Barony Of Lions Gate.

Per chevron Or Inverted & Azure a Greyhound head Erased Azure & Cresent Or
14th Century Angelo Saxon

I have taught at Ithras in Tir Righ and An Tir
I have also given private lessons to people whom ask
Medieval Herbs
Medieval Embroidery
Norse Wire Weaving
Stick Weaving
Hat Making
Period Sewing Techniques
How to Embellish your Garb with Period Techniques
Archery Senior marshall
Thrown Weapons - taught marshalling classes throughout BC, to
faciliate thrown weapsons in BC

2010 & 2011 Taught hat making & Nalbinding in Pennsic
Nalbinding - Midhaven's Feast 2011
Nalbinding - 12th Night 2012
Nalbinding - Althing Midhaven 2012

Autocrat of events
Bard & A Banquet 2002
Lionsdale Champions 2003
Winter's Tourney 2004
Lionsdale Champions 2004
Deputy Merchantcrate - Gulf Wars 2009
Merchantcrate helper 2010 - Gulf Wars

Princess Kensia - Lady in Waiting
Princess Amanada - Arts and Science
Queen Angharad - Wardrope
Queen Taisiia - Largess Wrangler
Prince Ulf Bloodfoot Fallgrson and Princess Caoimhinn ingen Domnaille - Largess Coordinator

Offices Held
2002-2003 - Chamberlain of Lionsdale - Deputy Herald of Lionsdale
March 2003 - 2004 Seneschale of the Shire of Lionsdale
2006 - 2008 - Deputy of Hounds - The Hounds of the Hunt Guild of An Tir

2004 - Lionsdale Arts and Science Champion
2006 & 7- Eisenmarch War Dog Champion
2009 - Shittemwood Arts and Science Champion
2011 - Midhaven's Arts and Science Champion
2012 - Lion Gate Arts and Sciene Defender

Volunteer - Donations
2002 - Helped to paint the wall hanging that was raffled off in Lionsdale
at Lionsdale Champions. I was involved in helping to paint wall hangings
for Lionsdale.

2002 - presented a hand made Italian Goat skin Binder with personal
stationary and envelopes (paper was hand made) for Queen McClure.

2003 - Facilitated and ran a raffle for Lionsdale that brought in funds to
purchase materials for Lionsdale's pavilion. Helped sew Lionsdale
pavilion. Cieran, my husband built the poles. Cieran built the chest show
below, we both painted it and we donated it to Lionsdale for the raffle.

2003 - Chest built by Cieran and painted by both he and I. The chest was
presented to Nicholaus Barchatov and Alyssia (Alyssia of Cameo Keepe)
in Sept. 2003. She currently has the chest.

2003 - Won charter making contest "Winter's Tourney" Charter used for
Lionsdale Champions 2003

2003 - Ithra - received MI Majestrate of Ithra for teaching Medieval

2003- presented Queen Gabriell MacBain a custom made hat and Gunnar
Brunwolf a hand made tally booklet for thrown weapons and archer.
Made Viscountess Amanda's Mongolian Hat

For 5 Clintons I have donated my Generator and Steel ladder for use to
help build the castle and various projects for Clinton War.

2004 - My husband was instrumental in building the Castle at Clinton
and was given an Albatross after his death in Clinton for long term
service in one project. I wear it because he was working on the castle for
the both of us.

2004 - Retinue - Lady in waiting for Princess Kensia, unfortunately, I
helped little because of my husband's death.

2004 - Hats made for TRH Kheron Azov and Kensia Einarsdottir and
their son.

2004 - Presented king Skapti Thorinsson a chest that was made by a
friend and painted by me. (this was a promise from Cieran that he would
make Skapti a chest and I kept that promise.

2005 - Six hats made by myself and presented to Royalty at 12th Night.
Presented coat and hat made for the Princess of Tir Righ Bernadette
Ebhilin Ard.

2005 - Apprenticed to Dame Tsivia from Ealdormere in Estrella for my
sewing of my coats, hats, hand embroidery and machine digitizing of

2005 - Hat made for our Prince Ulf Bllodfoot Fallgrson of Tir Righ. I
also embroidered his patches of his beaver for his retinue.
I have made several patches for various projects and donated them to the

2005 - Digitized and embroidered Lions Gate Populous badge, Tir Righ
populas badge and An Tir's populace badge. All proceeds went to the
Travel fund for the king and Queen, Prince and Princess.

2005 - HRM Angharad's - Hat and coat was given to her at. I was on her
wardrobe Retinue and embroidered her device for her Retinue and other
embroidery that was sewed onto bags for largess.

2005 - Princess Amanda Kendal of Westmoreland - A & S Retinue. Gave
Melissa Kendal her daughter a hat. Embroidered her Frets for all of her
Retinue team. Donated Largess items.

Zeus - Royal hound to Princess Amanda Kendal of Westmoreland.

2005 Summer Hunt - Zues won - most adorable dog - dragon costume

2006 - Donated embroidered patches for Princess Kensia's largess items.

2006 - Summer Hunt - Zues retains his title - Mongolian costume

2006 - Presented King Sven of An Tir a hat with Wolf fur.

2006- Donated several hand made items for largess for An Tir and Tir

2007- Donated custom made hat for raffle for the Travel fund.

2007- Presented hats for the King Cedric and Queen Elizabeth of An Tir
and their children.

2007 - Made coats and hats for Ulsted the Unsteady and Ebergardis von
Zell, King and Queen of Ansteorra

2007 - Donated several items for largess for An Tir and Tir Righ.

2007 - Helped to sell t-shirts for travel fund at my booth in Pennsic

2008 - hat (gift) made for Mir's elevation to Pelican.

2008 - Donated hat for prize for the Hunt Guild.

2008 - Made a wolf hat and presented it to the King of Ansteorra

2008 - Zeus won dog costume contest at Sealion War. Turkish outfit.

2009 - Bear and Arctic fur hat given to their Highnesses of Tir Righ at
Golden Swan

2009 - Calendar for the dogs of An Tir - The funds were to purchase a
Lure machine so that we could have fun with the dogs in An Tir. This was
an effort with my good friend Brigette.

2009 - 10 Calendars were given to the Crown of An Tir for Largess at
Estrella War

2009 - 10 Calendars were given to their Highness of Tir Righ for Largess
at Estrella War

2009 - Hat given to Her Highness of Tir Righ at Estrealla war to keep
warm. Her other hat was being made with faux fur because of her
allergies, a Woman always needs 2 hats or more.

2009 - Hat and leather bound book given to Dame Tsivia as a present for
her elevation to Pelican.

2009 - Hats and coats made for Their Royal Majesties of Ansteorra.

2009 - Coats made for his Royal Majesty Cedric, Bog coats made for his

2009 - Coat made for her Highness Renne of Tir Righ - presented at
Golden Swan

2009 - Taught Lucet weaving and Norse Wire weaving at Golden Swan.

2010 - Gifted her Royal Majesty Owain ap Einar a Wolf hat at 12fth

2010 - Wolf hat made for The Prince Olfgard and a fox hat made for
Princess Renee of Tir Righ

2010 - Hats given to their Royal Majesties of An Tir

2011 - 9 hats, 5 Spitheagan games, 5 thread waxers made for Largess

2011- leg wraps with hooks and hat, donation for Gulf Wars An Tir

2011- Donated to Largess - 10 Bees wax buttons for Needle and Thread, 4
linen norse hats, 3 spindles, leg wraps. 10 Amber necklaces.

2011 - Hat given to her Majesty Queen of Ansteorra.

2011 - Pelican pins given to her Majesty Queen Muirgen
(Morganna) Gleann Abhann

Jun 25, 2011 (Honorary Citizen of Gleann Abhann 2011made me
Honorary Citizian of Ansteorra.

2011 - Nalbinding hat, and socks given to the heirs of An tir, their Highnesses Iuan and Gwenth.
Nalbinding hat with a fur flower on it given to their new baby.

2012 - 12th Night donated nalbinding hat for raffle.

2012 - largess given - 2 pairs of leg wraps, 3 banners, 10 magnets with Medieval pictures on

2012 - Largess give to the Barony of Lions Gate - 6 pin cushions, 6 needle books, 3 hats.

2012 - Spring Crown - 3 Nalbinding hats for Largess and 2 linen coifs.

2012 - Pennsic - 2 Hats given to Largess - Ansteorra.

2012 - Hat given to the King of Ansteorra.

2013 - Largess give to their Majesties, 6 Pin cushions, 6 needle books, 3 nalbinding hats.

2013 - Embelished coat given to the Crown Prince of Glenn Abhann Jon de Tall
Hat given to his girlfriend. Handwoven and dyed silk coif made and given to the Crown Princess
of Glenn Abhann.

Michele Franklin
Toll Free

Lancelot passed away Nov. 2011
Zeus and Lancelot
New Rescue 12/11-5yrs
- Luna aka Miss Lulu