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Custom Coats

The coats that you see on this page are custom coats. This
coat has been historically documented.

These are just some of my custom coats that I have
made for people. You can also purchase the coat with or
without embroidery to do your own embelishments.

Wool is a nurturing, natural hollow fibre that
keeps people cozy in the Winter and cool in the
Summer. Wool absorbs 30-40% of its weight in
moisture without feeling damp. This helps you
stay warm even when in a damp environment.
Wool is flame resistant and will not melt.
Dry Clean only

Size - S to 5X
Basic coat without embroidery
S-XL $250 us
add $20 for each size up
All sizes are generous
Email me for a quote on custom embroidery,
heraldic devices or fur trim.