Care Instructions

Remember fur is our friend and environmentally friendly. A fine natural product, fur is
also biodegradable and a
renewable resource - unlike polyester fake furs
and other petroleum-based synthetics.

- Never store a fur in plastic bags. Use a cotton bag to store your fur.

- If your fur gets wet, shake it out like a shaggy dog and hang it up to dry in a place
where air circulates. If your fur gets soaked be very careful with it. Do not try to
speed the drying process with a hair dryer. Your fur has oils in it and doing this
will dry the skin out.

- Never leave a fur near heat. It will dry the skin out.

- Never, never comb use your hand and fingers to lightly fluff the fur. (a bristle
brush (dog or cat brush will also work on dry fur if you do it gently!)

- Moths love fur and wool. Do Not use moth balls.

- Natural products to use - I use a small spray bottle filled with water, 10 drops of
lavender & cedar oil. Lightly sprits the fur and area. Repeat once a month. This
is a natural moth repellent. Cedar also works well. The essential oils in cedar will
repel adult moths and carpet beetles. Cedar smells good, is renewable and comes
in many forms including blocks, hangers and sachets. Look for herbal products
that perform the same function.

- Some dried herbs and other natural materials are thought to help repel insects-
cedar, eucalyptus, pennyroyal, lavender, Rosemary and tansy but be careful of
the amount you use always refer to someone who knows how to use them.

- Store your fur during the warm season. Fur likes cool places.

- You can clean your fur by putting it in a bag with dry oatmeal or cornstarch, then shaking
it vigorously. Then take
the fur out and shake it and brush it out. The cornstarch or oatmeal will take the dirt
particules and freshen it up.

- Have furs cleaned by a fur specialist, not a dry cleaner.

- Avoid leaving fur hanging in a bright place. The light can cause the fur to oxidize
or change colour.

- To keep your hat fresh on the inside spray with fabreeze.

- If your hat is suede or leather on the outside you can use a leather or suede
protector spray. Just be careful to follow the directions and to cover your fur
completely before spraying.

- You can use Mane and Tail on your horse hair tassel to keep it tangle free. Use
just a small amount.

- You can spot clean the top of your hat with mild soap and water. Never soak your hat.
Brushing your hat before
putting it away will help eliminate any impurities on the fur.

If you take care of your hat you will have it for many years to come.

Enjoy your new hat and if you have any questions you can email me at the address below.

Michele Franklin
Toll Free